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About The Billy Strange Discography

This Billy Strange discography is a work in progress.
It tries to list the immense creative output of Billy Strange as guitarist, singer, arranger, producer, composer and songwriter.
It is compiled by Jan Derrer with the help of the members of the Billy Strange Message Board Forum.
For Billy Strange's Country, Western Swing and Rockabilly records the Rockin Country Style Discography was an invaluable source.
Please send corrections and additions to lostandsound((at)) gmx.net


The first column contains the name of the artists in alphabetical order.
Titles with * indicate LPs.

  Billy Strange Discography
 Artist Song or LP* Year Label  Gtr Sess.Lead. Arr Prod Co-Prod Cond Vocal Songw/Comp Co-Songw/Comp
 A Bundle Of Dreams Soundtrack "Sing, Boy, Sing"  1958 Capitol         co-songwriter  
 Al Brumley Someone's Gonna Get Hurt / My Affection For You  Capitol 4510      cond   
 Anita Gordon Fun House 1963  gtr lead  arr      
 Anita Gordon Joey 1963  gtr  lead arr      
 Anita Gordon Tommy 1963  gtr lead       
 Ann-Margret Bye Bye Birdie 1963 RCA gtr lead     chor  
 Ann-Margret Take All The Kisses 1963 RCA gtr lead     chor  
 Ann-Margret w/ Elvis Presley The Lady Loves You 1963  gtr        
 Ann-Margret w/ Elvis Presley Today, Tomorrow and Forever 1963  gtr        
 Ann-Margret w/ Elvis Presley You're The Boss 1963  gtr        
 Anthony Newley Newley Recorded* 1966 RCA LSP-3614   arr      
 Aretha Franklin The Sounds of '68 (ABC TV Show) with Ed Ames 1968   musical director       
 Avalanches, The Avalanche 1963 Warner Bros. 5407 gtr        
 Avalanches, The Baby, It's Cold Outside  1963 Warner Bros. 5407 gtr        
 Avalanches, The Ski Surfin'* 1963 Warner Bros. WB 1525 gtr         
 Barbara Dane I'm On My Way 1960 Trey 3012 gtr        
 Barbara Dane On My Way* 1962 Capitol SXA-1758 gtr        
 Barbara Dane Hurry Up Sundown, Let Tomorrow Come 1962 Capitol SXE-1758 gtr        
 Barbara Dane This Little Light Of Mine  1962 Capitol SXE-1758 gtr        
 Barbara Dane Wild Women Don't Have The Blues 1962 Capitol SXE-1758 gtr        
 Barbara Dane Cakewalking Babies From Home 1962 Capitol SXE-1758 gtr        
 Barbara Dane On My Way* 1962 Capitol T-1758 gtr        
 Beach Boys Surfin' USA 1963  gtr        
 Beach Boys California Girls 1965  gtr        
 Beach Boys Do You Wanna Dance? 1965  gtr        
 Beach Boys Help Me Rhonda 1965  gtr        
 Beach Boys In The Back Of My Mind 1965  gtr        
 Beach Boys Please Let Me Wonder 1965  gtr        
 Beach Boys Pet Sounds* 1966  gtr        
 Big Guitars Billy Strange, Glen Campbell & Howard Roberts* 1965 Surrey-1014 gtr        
 Billie Joe Spears   MCA/Dot         
 Billy Lee Riley Funk Harmonica*? 1966  gtr?  arr? prod?     
 Billy Lee Riley In Action* 1966  gtr?  arr? prod?     
 Billy Strange Almanac Song 1952 Capitol 2032 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves 1952 Capitol 2032 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Hell Train 1952 Capitol 2112 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange I Love You 24 Hours A Day 1952 Capitol 2112 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Crazy Quilt Rag 1952 Capitol 2228 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Kiss, Kiss, Kiss 1952 Capitol 2228 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Just Bummin' Around 1953 Capitol 2357 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange New Carroll County Blues 1953 Capitol 2357 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Half A Photograph 1953 Capitol 2500 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Red 1953 Capitol 2500 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange I'm Still A Prisoner 1953 Capitol 2592 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Let Me Be The One 1953 Capitol 2592 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange If That's The Fashion (unissued) 1954 Capitol gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Just To Have A Good Time (unissued) 1954 Capitol gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange A Lonesome Lover's Lie 1954 Capitol 2702 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Catsup And Honey 1954 Capitol 2702 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Am I Seeing Things 1954 Capitol 2797 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange The Devil In Me 1954 Capitol 2797 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange I Gotta Be Gittin' Home 1954 Capitol 2934  gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange You're The Only Good Thing (That's Happened To Me) 1954 Capitol 2934  gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange I'll Never Change My Mind About You 1955 Capitol 3021 gtr        
 Billy Strange Let Me In There Baby 1955 Capitol 3021 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Gambin' Hall 1955 Decca 29551 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Shake The Hand Of A Stranger 1955 Decca 29551 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Big Man 1956 ERA 45-1030 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange It Wasn't Much Of A Town 1956 ERA 45-1030 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Sadness Done Come 1961 Liberty 55307       voc  
 Billy Strange Where Your Arms Used To Be 1961 Liberty 55307       voc  
 Billy Strange Long Steel Road 1961 Liberty 55362       voc  
 Billy Strange Soft Chains Of Love 1961 Liberty 55362       voc  
 Billy Strange Sadness Done Come 1961 London HLG 9321       voc  
 Billy Strange Where Your Arms Used To Be 1961 London HLG 9321       voc  
 Billy Strange I Still Miss Someone ("Star Route USA" TV performance) 1961          
 Billy Strange I'll Remember April 1962 Buena Vista F-406         
 Billy Strange Mooncussers 1962 Buena Vista F-406         
 Billy Strange I'm Still Trying 1962 Liberty 55414       voc  
 Billy Strange Life Of Pretend 1962 Liberty 55414       voc  
 Billy Strange Day By Day 1963 Buena Vista F-417 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Johnny Shiloh 1963 Buena Vista F-417       voc  
 Billy Strange 12 String Guitar* 1963 GNP/GNPS 94 gtr        
 Billy Strange Wildwood Flower 1964 GNP Crescendo GNP 308 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Wabash Cannonball 1964 GNP Crescendo GNP 308 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Charade 1964 GNP Crescendo GNP 309 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Where's Baby Gone 1964 GNP Crescendo GNP 309 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange The James Bond Theme 1964 GNP Crescendo GNP 320 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange 007 Theme 1964 GNP Crescendo GNP 320 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Theme From The Munsters 1964 GNP Crescendo GNP 334 gtr  arr      
 Billy Strange Goldfinger 1964 GNP Crescendo GNP 334 gtr  arr      
 Billy Strange The James Bond Theme* 1964 GNP/GNPS 2004 gtr        
 Billy Strange Mr. Guitar* 1964 GNP/GNPS 97 gtr        
 Billy Strange The James Bond Theme 1964 Vocalion V-N 9228 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange 007 Theme 1964 Vocalion V-N 9228 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Theme From The Munsters 1964 Vocalion V-N 9231 (GNP Crescendo) gtr  arr      
 Billy Strange Goldfinger 1964 Vocalion V-N 9231 (GNP Crescendo) gtr  arr      
 Billy Strange Secret Agent File* 1965 GNP 2019 gtr        
 Billy Strange Love Theme From The Sandpiper 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 369 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange These Boots Are Made For Walkin' 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 369 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Man With The Golden Arm 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 341 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Raunchy 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 341 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Thunderball 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 365 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Ninth Man Theme 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 365 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Our Man Flint 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 367 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Run, Spy, Run 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 367 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Remember Me 1965 GNP Crescendo GNP 660 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Goldfinger* 1965 GNP/GNPS 2006 gtr        
 Billy Strange English Hits of '65* 1965 GNP/GNPS 2009 gtr        
 Billy Strange Plays The Hits!* 1965 GNP/GNPS 2012 gtr        
 Billy Strange Folk Rock Hits* 1965 GNPS 2016 gtr        
 Billy Strange Thunderball 1965 Vocalion V-N 9257 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Ninth Man Theme 1965 Vocalion V-N 9257 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Get Smart 1965 Vocalion V-N 9259 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Run, Spy, Run 1965 Vocalion V-N 9259 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Baby the Rain Must Fall (soundtrack, Steve McQueen lip synced to Billy's vocals) 1965  voc        
 Billy Strange Billy Strange Plays the Hits* 1965  gtr        
 Billy Strange Cousin Victor's Elixir (Disney) 1965  gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Caliente 1966 GNP Crescendo GNP 374 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Have Tequila 1966 GNP Crescendo GNP 374 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange In the Mexican Bag* 1966 GNPS 2022 gtr        
 Billy Strange King of the Road* 1966 GNPS 2024 gtr        
 Billy Strange Strange Country* 1966  gtr        
 Billy Strange Yours Is A World I Can't Live In 1967 GNP Crescendo GNP 390 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange For A Few Dollars More 1967 GNP Crescendo GNP 395 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange You Only Live Twice 1967 GNP Crescendo GNP 395 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange For A Few Dollars More 1967 GNP Crescendo GNP 395 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange You Only Live Twice 1967 Vocalion V-N 9289 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Go Ahead And Cry  1967 Vocalion V-N 9289 gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange Hang 'Em High 1968 GNP Crescendo GNP 413 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Five Card Stud 1968 GNP Crescendo GNP 413 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Railroad Man* 1968 GNPS 2041 gtr        
 Billy Strange Great Western Themes - The Lusty Sounds of the Wild West 1968 GNPS 2046 gtr        
 Billy Strange High Chapparral 1969 GNP Crescendo GNP 417 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Gunsmoke 1969 GNP Crescendo GNP 417 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange De Sade (Original Soundtrack)* 1969 TOWER ST-5170   arr   cond  songw 
 Billy Strange Bunny O'Hare (Soundtrack)* 1971 American International Records A-1041         
 Billy Strange Man's Gotta Be (What He Was Born To Be) (Soundtrack Tom Sawyer) 1973        voc  
 Billy Strange Chattanooga Choo Choo 1974 GNP Crescendo GNP 477 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Track-Walkin'  1974 GNP Crescendo GNP 477 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange James Bond Theme 1975 GNP Crescendo GNP 4000 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Godlfinger 1975 GNP Crescendo GNP 4000 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Star Trek 1975 GNP Crescendo GNP 800 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Theme From Jaws 1975 GNP Crescendo GNP 800 gtr  arr prod     
 Billy Strange Dyn-O-Mite Guitar* 1975 GNPS 2094   arr prod     
 Billy Strange The Ballad Of Bunny And Claude (Looney Tunes) ?        voc  
 Billy Strange Go Ahead And Cry 1967?  gtr      voc  
 Billy Strange I Still Miss Someone ("Star Route USA" TV performance)           
 Billy Strange & The Challengers Milord 1966 GNP Crescendo GNP 380 gtr        
 Billy Strange & The Challengers What If It Should Rain  1966 GNP Crescendo GNP 380 gtr        
 Billy Strange And Berlin Symphony De Sade - Main Title 1969 Tower 515   arr   cond  comp 
 Billy Strange And Berlin Symphony Nocturne Permission 1969 Tower 515   arr   cond  comp 
 Billy Strange feat. The Speedy West Orchestra Home On The Strange* 1965 DESIGN DLP/SDLP-622 gtr        
 Billy Strange with Buddy Bregman Orch. My Buddy's Girl 1956 ERA 45-1014 gtr       voc  
 Billy Strange with Buddy Bregman Orch. Say You're Mine, Porcupine 1956 ERA 45-1014 gtr      voc  co-songw
 Billy Strange with Buddy Bregman Orch. My Buddy's Girl 1956 London FC. 372 gtr       voc  
 Billy Strange with Buddy Bregman Orch. Say You're Mine, Porcupine 1956 London FC. 372 gtr      voc  co-songw
 Billy Strange with The Telstars Limbo Rock 1962 Coliseum CM-605 gtr  arr     songw 
 Billy Strange, Bob Gibson, Glen Campbell, Mason Williams, Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Jim McGuinn, and others The Guitar Greats Vol 1. (contains material from The Twelve String Story Vol. 1) 1963 & Jazz Music FS-243 gtr        
 Billy Strange, Bob Gibson, Glen Campbell, Mason Williams, Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Jim McGuinn, and others The Twelve String Story Vol. 1* 1963 Horizon WP 1626 gtr        
 Billy Strange, Bob Gibson, Glen Campbell, Mason Williams, Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Jim McGuinn, and others The Twelve String Story Vol. 2* 1963 Horizon WP 1635 gtr        
 Billy Strange, Bob Gibson, Glen Campbell, Mason Williams, Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Jim McGuinn, and others The Guitar Greats Vol 2 (contains material from The Twelve String Story Vol. 2) 1963 Joker SM 3011 (I 1963) gtr        
 Billy Strange, Bob Gibson, Glen Campbell, Mason Williams, Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Jim McGuinn, and others Anthology of the Twelve String Guitar (contains material from The Twelve String Story Vol. 1 + 2) 2006 Empire Musicwerks (re-issue) gtr        
 Billy Strange, Bob Gibson, Glen Campbell, Mason Williams, Joe Maphis, Howard Roberts, Jim McGuinn, and others The Guitar Greats  Everest FS-243 gtr        
 Bob B. Soxx & Blue Jeans Zip A Dee Doo Dah 1963  gtr        
 Bob Wills Texas Playgirls    gtr        
 Bobby Darin If I Had A Hammer   gtr        
 Bonnie Guitar A Wasted Life, Like Mine 1963  gtr lead       
 Bonnie Guitar Straight And Narrow 1963  gtr        
 Brook Benton Laura, What's He Got What I Ain' Got* 1967 Reprise 0611   co.arr      
 Browns    gtr        
 Bruce Johnston Surfin' "Round The World* 1963  gtr        
 Buck Owens   Capitol         
 Buck Owens Billy played Owen's club In Bakersfield, CA           
 Buddies Sidewinder 1964          
 Calvin Cool & The Surf Knobs Surfer's Beat* 1963  gtr        
 Carl Perkins Carl Perkins (?) 1985 (?) MCA/Dot (MCA - 39035?)         
 Catalinas Fun Fun Fun* 1964  gtr        
 Challengers Billy Strange & The Challengers* 1966 GNP/GNPS 2030 gtr  arr      
 Chuck Marone w/ Billy Strange Orchestra It Hurts 1966    arr prod  cond   
 Chuck Marone w/ Billy Strange Orchestra Ordinary Girl 1966    arr prod  cond   
 Cissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones.  Coal Miner's Daughter (movie soundtrack) Billy played Speedy West            
 Clairol Summer Blonde Commercials 1965  gtr lead       
 Cliffie Stone and His Orchestra Barracuda 1955 Capitol 3131  gtr      voc  
 Cliffie Stone and His Orchestra The Popcorn Song 1955 Capitol 3131  gtr      voc  
 Commercial Dial Soap           
 Commercial Is It True Blondes Have More Fun?           
 Commercial That Little Old Wine Maker, Me (with Arte Johnson)           
 Dean Martin The Hit Sound of Dean Martin 1966 Reprise   arr   cond   
 Deana Martin Baby I See You 1966    arr      
 Delaney Bramlett Heartbreak Hotel 1971  gtr        
 Delaney Bramlett Tomorrow Never Comes 1971  gtr        
 Delaney Bramlett You Never Looked Sweeter 1971  gtr        
 Diane Landry If You Can't Hold Your Man 1967    arr   cond   
 Dino, Desi & Billy I'm A Fool* 1965    arr      
 Dino, Desi & Billy Please Don't Fight It 1965    arr      
 Dino, Desi & Billy Our Time's Coming* 1966 Reprise RS 6194   arr      
 Dino, Desi & Billy Memories Are Made Of This* 1966    arr      
 Dino, Desi & Billy Superman 1966    arr      
 Dino, Desi & Billy Tie Me Down 1966    arr      
 Don Parmley with Billy Strange 5 String Banjo! With 12 String Guitar!* 1964 GNP/GNPS 98 gtr        
 Don Robertson    gtr        
 Doris Day Move Over Darling 1963  gtr        
 Doris Day Twinkle Lullaby 1963  gtr        
 Duane Eddy The Roaring Twangies* 1967 Reprise   arr   cond   co-wrt.
 Eddie Kilroy       prod     
 Eddy Dean    Sage Records         
 Ella Mae Morse    gtr        
 Ella Mae Morse & Tennessee Ernie Ford I'm Hog Tied Over You 1952 Capitol F2215  gtr        
 Elvis Presley Fun In Alcapulco* (Soundtr.) 1963  gtr        
 Elvis Presley It Happened At The World's Fair* (Soundtrack) 1963  gtr        
 Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas 1963  gtr        
 Elvis Presley I'm A Roustabout* (Soundtr.) 1964  gtr        
 Elvis Presley A Little Less Conversation 1967    arr     songw 
 Elvis Presley Charro 1968  gtr  arr      co-songw
 Elvis Presley Clean Up Your Own Backyard 1968    arr      co-songw
 Elvis Presley Live A Little, Love A Little (Soundtrack) 1968    arr?   cond?  songw? 
 Elvis Presley Nothingville 1968          co-songw
 Elvis Presley Memories 1969          co-songw
 Elvis Presley The Trouble With Girls (Soundtrack) 1969    arr?   cond   
 Ernest Tubb Country Music TV Show. Dick Clark Productions.           
 Everly Brothers No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile 1962  gtr        
 Everly Brothers Baby, Bye-Oh 1963  gtr        
 Everly Brothers Love Her 1963  gtr        
 Everly Brothers Nancy's Minuet 1963  gtr        
 Everly Brothers Sing Great Country Hits* 1963  gtr  arr      
 Everly Brothers The Girl Sang The Blues 1963  gtr        
 Everly Brothers Ain't that Lovin' you Baby 1964  gtr        
 Everly Brothers The Facts Of Life 1964  gtr        
 Everly Brothers I'm Finding It Rough 1967  gtr  arr      
 Faron Young   Capitol         
 Fencemen Sour Grapes 1962 Liberty 55535  gtr        
 Fencemen Sunday Stranger 1962 Liberty 55535  gtr       songw 
 Ferlin Husky   Capitol         
 Fisher Brothers Big Round Wheel 1964 ERA 3136 gtr lead       
 Frank Sinatra The World We Knew* 1967       cond   
 Frank Sinatra & Nancy Sinatra Something Stupid 1967    arr      
 Frank Sinatra Jr. It's Alright* 1977 Churchill/ Hallmark   arr      
 Frankie Laine I'm Gonna Be Strong 1963  gtr        
 Frankie Laine Lonely Days Of Winter 1963  gtr        
 Frankie Laine Take Her 1963  gtr        
 Freddie Paris Bag And Baggage 1962  gtr lead       
 Freddie Paris The Frog 1962  gtr lead       
 Freddie Paris What A Mess 1962  gtr lead       
 Gene O'Qiunn Texas Boogie 1951  gtr        
 George Hamilton IV   MCA/Dot         
 Glen Campbell The Big Bad Rock Guitar* 1965 Capitol gtr  arr   cond  songw 
 Glen Campbell Universal Soldier 1965 Capitol 5504 gtr        
 Go Gos Wurlitzer Discotheque Music, Vol. 2* 1964  gtr        
 Guitar Ramblers Happy Youthful Sounds* 1963  gtr        co-songw (El Torito)
 Guy Mitchell If I Had My Life To Live Over 1966 Reprise   arr      
 Guy Mitchell The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me 1966 Reprise   arr      
 Guy Mitchell True Love's A Blessing 1966 Reprise   arr      
 Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars Deuces, T's, Roadsters & Drums* 1963 RCA VICTOR SP-2834 gtr        
 Hal Blair Silly Little Memory 1963  gtr lead       
 Hank Penny ? ? King Records         
 Hank Penny "The Spade Cooley TV Show" at The Santa Monica Ballroom on Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA            
 Hank Penny Billy worked with Hank at Pop's Willow Lake in Los Angels, CA           
 Hank Penny Billy worked with Hank at The Riverside Rancho, Los Angeles           
 Herman Clebanoff & His Orchestra  Country Music For People Who Don't Like Country Music* 1964 Mercury gtr        
 Hondells Cycle Chase 1964  gtr        
 Honeys Shoot The Curl 1963  gtr        
 Hot Doggers Surfin' U.S.A.* 1963 EPIC 24054         
 Jack Marshall Tuff Jack* 1963 Capitol T1727 gtr  arr     songw (title track) 
 Jack Nitzsche Night Walker 1963  gtr       songw 
 Jack Nitzsche The Last Race  Reprise 0337 gtr        
 Jack Nitzsche African Waltz  Reprise 0417         
 Jack Sheldon Out! Jack Sheldon*  Capitol T 1851 gtr        
 Jackie & Gayle I Can't Go Out Tonight 1964 Capitol gtr        
 Jackie & Gayle Why Can't My Teacher Look Like Mr. Novak 1964 Capitol gtr        
 Jackie DeShannon    Liberty / Imperial         
 James Griffin Summer Holiday* 1963  gtr        
 Jan & Dean Surf City and Other Swinging Cities* 1963  gtr        
 Jan & Dean Popsicle* 1964  gtr        
 Jan Howard             
 Janie Black You Better Not Do That / Only Girls Can Tell 1960 Capitol 4459 gtr        
 Janie Black I'm Gonna Make It Happen / I Stole You Away 1961 Capitol 4592 gtr        
 Janie Black Lonely Sixteen / A Heartache Grows 1961 Capitol 4633 gtr        
 Jean Shepard    gtr        
 Jeanne Black He'll Have To Stay / Under Your Spell Again (B-side by Jeanne and Janie) 1960 Capitol 4368 gtr        
 Jeanne Black Lisa / Journey Of Love  1960 Capitol 4396  gtr        
 Jeanne Black Sleep Walkin' / You'll Find Out 1960 Capitol 4456 gtr        
 Jeanne Black A Little Bit Lonely* 1960 Capitol T 1513 gtr        
 Jeanne Black Don't Speak To Me / When You're Alone 1961 Capitol 4535 gtr        
 Jeanne Black Jimmy Love / Commandments Of Love 1961 Capitol 4566 gtr        
 Jeanne Black Heartbreak U.S.A. / His Own Little Island  1961 Capitol 4654  gtr        
 Jeanne Black Oh, How I Miss You Tonight / A Little Bit Lonely  1961 Capitol 4492 gtr        
 Jeanne Black A Letter To Anya / Guessin' Again 1962 Capitol 4685 gtr        
 Jeanne Black Crying Away My Time / Five Minutes On The Hour  1962 Capitol 4713  gtr        
 Jeannie C. Riley   MCA/Dot gtr   prod     
 Jeannie Pruitt   MCA/Dot         
 Jerry Lee Lewis  Killer Country* (Somewhere Over The Rainbow) 1980 Elektra   arr prod     
 Jerry Lee Lewis When Two Worlds Collide* 1980 Elektra   arr      
 Jerry Wallace Little Miss Tease 1962  gtr        
 Jerry Wallace Another Time, Another World* 1968 Liberty LRP-3564/LST-7564    arr      
 Jesse Pearson Little Miss Lonely 1963 RCA   arr     songw 
 Jim Reeves   Abbott Records         
 Jimmie Rodgers Troubled Times* 1970 A&M 4242   arr      
 Jimmy Bryant Stratosphere Boogie 1954  gtr        
 Jimmy Bryant Country Cabin Jazz* 1960 Capitol T 1314 gtr        
 Jimmy Bryant Liberty Bell Polka ?         songw 
 Jimmy Bryant Hometown Polka          songw 
 Jimmy Bryant T-Bone Rag          songw 
 Jimmy Bryant (aka. Ivy "Jimmie" Bryant), Speedy West 2 Guitars Country Style* 1954 Capitol H-520 gtr        
 Jimmy Bryant (aka. Ivy Bryant), Speedy West Frettin' Fingers 1955 Capitol 3276 gtr        
 Jimmy Bryant, Speedy West Lover (unissued, except on Bear Family records) 1952 Capitol gtr        
 Jimmy Durante This Train 1964  gtr        
 Jody Miller Wednesday‚€™s Child Is Full Of Woe* 1963 Capitol T-1913 gtr        
 Jody Miller Queen Of The House 1964 Capitol gtr lead arr      
 Jody Miller Home of the Brave 1965 Capitol   arr   cond   
 Jody Miller How Do You Say Goodbye 1965 Capitol gtr  arr   cond   
 Joe & Eddie Walkin' Down The Line* 1965  gtr        
 Joe-Joe Bentry Trouble From Rome* ?     prod     
 Joey Paige Surfer From Tennessee 1963  gtr lead       
 Johnny Burnette The Opposite 1963  gtr        
 Johnny Burnette Walkin' Talkin' Doll 1963  gtr        
 Johnny Burnette You Taught Me The Way To Love 1963  gtr        
 Johnny Burnette The Corner of Heartache And Despair 19?  gtr        
 Johnny Cash The Big Battle 1961  gtr        
 Johnny Crawford Once Upon A Time 1963  gtr        
 Johnny Horton   Abbott Records         
 Johnny Rivers The Sensational Johnny* Rivers 1962 Capitol gtr        
 Johnny Rivers   Era Records         
 Johnny Western and the Sons of the Pioneers Have Gun, Will Travel* 1962 Columbia 8588 gtr        
 Joni Lyman Be Good Baby 1965  gtr lead       
 Joni Lyman Happy Birthday Blue 1965  gtr lead       
 Joni Lyman I Don't Know What To Do 1965  gtr lead       
 June Wilkinson and Mamie Van Doren with Billy Strange & The Senators Bikini With No Top On Top 1964 Jubilee 45-5483 45-JB-12112 gtr lead       
 June Wilkinson Mamie Van Doren with Billy Strange & The Senators So What Else Is New 1964 Jubilee 45-5483 45-JB-12113 gtr lead       
 Justin Tubb   MCA/Dot         
 Larry Knechtel Boss Baroque* 1965  gtr  arr      
 Lee Hazlewood Trouble Is A Lonesome Town* 1964  gtr        
 Lee Hazlewood Lee Hazlewoodism Its Cause and Cure* 1966    arr   cond   
 Lee Hazlewood The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood* 1966    arr      
 Lee Hazlewood Something Special* 1967  gtr  arr   cond  sec. voice  
 Les Brown and His Band of Renown The Young Beat 1963 Columbia CL2118  gtr        
 Lloyd Thaxton Lloyd Thaxton Presents* 1964 DECCA DL-4594 gtr lead      songw 
 Louise Mandrell      arr      
 Love Andmoreagain 1968 Elektra gtr        
 Love The Daily Planet 1968 MCA - 39035 gtr        
 Lynette West If She Doesn't Want You 1963  gtr        
 Marty Haggard Talkin' Blue Eyes 1986 MTM Records    prod     
 Marty Robbins Country Music TV Show. Dick Clark Productions           
 Mel Tillis   MCA         
 Mel Tillis & Nancy Sinatra Mel & Nancy* 1981 Elektra   arr prod co-prod cond   
Mel Tillis It's A Long Way To Daytona 1982 Elektra     arr prod   cond      
 Merrill Moore   Capitol         
 Mickey Rooney Jr. Look Out! For The Wild Ones 1964  gtr        
 Mickey Rooney Jr. The Wandering Wind 1964  gtr        
 Misty & The Do Drops Answer Me, My Love 1963  gtr        
 Molly Bee   Capitol         
 Molly Bee & Billy Strange I'd Rather Die Young ("Star Route USA" TV performance) 1961          
 Moon Mullican Jambalaya 1952 King 1106 K 3437  gtr        
 Moon Mullican Pipeliner Blues 1952 King 1135 gtr        
 Moon Mullican A Mighty Pretty Waltz 1952 King 3438  gtr        
 Moon Mullican Ooglie Ooglie Ooglie (The Tokyo Boogie) 1952 King K3440 gtr        
 Mrs Miller It's Magic 1967    arr      
 Munsters Munsters* 1964  gtr        
 Nancy Sinatra Boots* 1965    arr      
 Nancy Sinatra How Does That Grab You* 1966  gtr  arr      
 Nancy Sinatra Movin' With Nancy (TV-Show) 1967 Reprise (reissued on Sundazed)   arr   cond   
 Nancy Sinatra Country My Way* 1967    arr      
 Nancy Sinatra Sugar* 1967    arr      
 Nancy Sinatra Nancy* 1968    arr      
 Nancy Sinatra Billy toured the World with her           
 Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Nancy & Lee 1968    arr      
 Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Nancy & Lee Again* 1972    arr      
 Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Nancy & Lee 3* 2004    arr  co-prod    
 Nat King Cole Ramblin' Rose* 1962  gtr        
 Ned Miller Dusty Guitar 1964  gtr        
 New Christy Minstrels, The            
 Nino Tempo & April Stevens Deep Purple* 1963 Atco SD 33-156 A gtr        
 Partridge Family I Think I Love You 1970  gtr lead arr      
 Pat Boone Boss Beat!* 1963  gtr        
 Paul Potash Blue Tail Fly 1963 Mercury 72183 gtr        
 Paul Potash Take The Time to Say Goodbye 1963 Mercury 72183 gtr        
 Paul Revere & The Raiders Sometimes 1965  gtr        
 Police Woman (TV show) Ep. Blaze of Glory 1975         comp 
 Ramblin' Jimmy Dolan I Wonder If I Can Loose The Blues This Way 1954 Capitol 2977 gtr        
 Ramblin' Jimmy Dolan A Sailor's Letter 1954 Capitol 2977 gtr        
 Ramblin' Jimmy Dolan Jolly Captain Huddlestead 1954 Capitol 3157 gtr        
 Ramblin' Jimmy Dolan What's Another Broken Heart  Capitol 3157 gtr        
 Randy Newman ? ?  gtr        
 Ray Anthony ((?)) Swim, Swim, C'Mon And Swim* 1964 Capitol gtr        
 Ricky Nelson Restless Kid 1958  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson Again 1959  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson I'd Climb The Highest Mountain  1959  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson Make Believe 1959  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson Young Emotions 1959  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson Ain't Nothin' But Love 1960          
 Ricky Nelson I'm All Through With You  1960  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson I'm Not Afraid 1960  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson Provin' My Love 1960  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson Yes Sir, That's My Baby 1960  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson You Are My Sunshine 1960  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson You're Free To Go 1963          
 Ricky Nelson The Same Old Feeling 1963          
 Ricky Nelson Hello Mister Happiness 1963          
 Ricky Nelson I Got A Woman 1963          
 Ricky Nelson The Loneliest Sound 1964          
 Ricky Nelson I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me) 1964          
 Ricky Nelson I Love You More Than You Know 1964          
 Ricky Nelson Love Is The Sweetest Thing 1964          
 Ricky Nelson My Old Flame 1964          
 Ricky Nelson Love And Kisses 1965          
 Ricky Nelson Say You Love Me 1965          
 Ricky Nelson Since I Don't Have You 1965          
 Ricky Nelson  You Don't Love Me Anymore 1963          
 Ricky Nelson w/ Walter Brennan, Dean Martin, John Wayne Cindy (version 1 movie Rio Bravo)  1958  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson w/ Walter Brennan, Dean Martin, John Wayne It's All In The Game  1958  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson w/ Walter Brennan, Dean Martin, John Wayne Lonesome Town (version 2)  1958  gtr        
 Ricky Nelson w/ Walter Brennan, Dean Martin, John Wayne My Rifle, My Pony and Me 1958  gtr        
 Rip Chords Hey Little Cobra 1964 Columbia 2151 gtr        
 Rose Maddox  1961  gtr        
 Roy Clark The Lighting Fingers Of Roy Clark* 1961 Capitol T 1780 gtr        
 Rusty Draper   Mercury         
 Sam Cooke Sugar Dumpling 1963  gtr        
 Sammy Davis Jr.   MGM         
 Sammy Davis Jr. Something For Everyone* (?)  Motown   arr      
 Sammy Davis Jr.   Reprise         
 Shacklefords After That 1963  gtr lead       
 Shacklefords If The World Don't End 1963  gtr lead       
 Shacklefords Mama Was A Cotton Picker 1963  gtr lead       
 Shacklefords Stand Up 1963  gtr lead       
 Shean & Jenkins Goofy Footer Ho-Dad 1963  gtr        
 Sheb Wooley Songs From The Days Of Rawhide* 1960 MGM gtr        
 Sheb Wooley That's My Pa And That's My Ma* 1962 MGM gtr        
 Skeets McDonald Scoot Git And Begone 1951  gtr        
 Skeets McDonald Tell Me Why 1952 Capitol 1967 gtr        
 Skeets McDonald Be My Life's Companion 1952 Capitol 1967 gtr        
 Skeets McDonald The Love That Hurts Me So 1952 Capitol 1993 gtr        
 Skeets McDonald Wheel Of Fortune 1952 Capitol 1993 gtr        
 Skeets McDonald Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes 1952 Capitol 2216 gtr        
 Skeets McDonald Big Family Trouble 1952 Capitol 2216 gtr        
 Speedy West Steel Guitar* 1960 Capitol T 1341 gtr        
 Speedy West Guitar Spectacular* 1962 Capitol ST 1835 gtr        
 Speedy West There's Gonna Be A Party* Tennessee Ernie Ford Broadcasts  195?  gtr        
 Speedy West & Cliffie Stone Barracuda 1955  gtr      voc  
 Speedy West with Cliffie Stone and His Hometown Hepsters Steel Guitar Rag 1953 Capitol F2620       voc  
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant Truck Driver's Ride  1951 Capitol gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant Bryant's Bounce 1952 Capitol 2444 gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant Serenade To A Frog 1952 Capitol 2444 gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant Skiddle-Dee-Boo 1952 Capitol 2519 gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant Speedin' West 1952 Capitol 2519 gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant This Ain't The Blues 1953 Capitol F2675 gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant Sunset 1953 Capitol F2675 gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant Flippin' The Lid 1954 Capitol gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant West of Samoa 1954 Capitol  gtr        
 Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant Chatter Box 1955 Capitol 3276 gtr        
 Steve Douglas Yesterday 1965    arr   cond   
 Steve Karman Party Girls For The Candidate* 1964 Jubilee 5029 gtr        
 Steve Karman Jazz Waltz from 'The Candidate' 1964 Jubilee single 5486 gtr        
 Steve McQueen Travelin' Lady 1964  gtr      voc  
 Stuart Hamblen This Old House 1954  gtr        
 Super Stocks Thunder Road* 1964 Capitol ST-2060 gtr        
 Super Stocks Surf Route 101* 1964 Capitol ST-2113 gtr        
 Sweatpea Johnson (Billy Strange) Crawdad Scene 1961 Liberty 55315 LB-1206 gtr      voc songw 
 Sweetpea Johnson (Billy Strange) How Come My Dog Don't Growl At You 1961 Liberty 55315 LB-1207 gtr      voc  
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Full Time Job 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford In the Mood 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Keep Hubbin' It 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Little Red Wagon 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Mama Don't Allow 1953 Capitol         
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Perdido 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford San Antonio Rose 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Song of the Wanderer 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford South 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Steel Guitar Rag 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Taking That New Vitamine 1953 Capitol gtr      voc  
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Trouble in Mind 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford You Don't Have to Be a Baby 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford I Don't Know 1953 Capitol 2338 gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Hometown Stomp 1953          
 Tennessee Ernie Ford The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, television program (ABC) 1964  gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford 16 Tons 1965 Capitol 5425   arr      
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Hicktown 1965 Capitol 5425 gtr lead arr      
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Girl Don't You Know It 1965 Capitol 5520 gtr lead arr      
 Tennessee Ernie Ford Now It's All Over  Capitol 5520   arr      
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Bucky Tibbs) 40 Cups of Coffee 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Jeannie Gayle) Mocking Bird  1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Jeannie Gayle) Mule Shoe Rag 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Jeannie Gayle) When My Sugar Walks  1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Judy Hayden) Hey Good Lookin! - 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Lou Dinning) I Don't Hurt Anymore 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Lou Dinning) Piney Jane 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Lou Dinning) Trouble in Mind 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (And The Dinning Sisters with Cliffie Stone's Orchestra) Rock City Boogie 1953 Capitol 1911 gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Billy Strange and John Mosher) Country Hits ‚€“ Feelin' Blue* 1964 Capitol ST-2097 gtr  arr      
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Bucky Tibbs) Hambone 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Cliffie Stone's Orchestra) Blackberry Boogie 1952 Capitol F 2170 gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Cliffie Stone's Orchestra) The Tennessee Local 1952 Capitol F 2170 gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Cliffie Stone's Orchestra) Shotgun Boogie 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Cliffie Stone's Orchestra) I Don't Know 1953 Capitol 2338 gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Cliffie Stone's Orchestra) Hey, Mr. Cotton Picker 1953 Capitol 2443 gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Cliffie Stone's Orchestra) Catfish Boogie 1953 Capitol 2602 gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Ginny Jackson) Do the Hucklebuck 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Harold Hensley)  Tennessee Wagoner 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Jeannie Gayle) Cow Cow Boogie 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Judy Hayden) Real Gone Okie 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Judy Hayden) Sunday 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Molly Bee) Baby Blues 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Speedy West) How Come You Do Me -  1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Speedy West) Railroadin' 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Speedy West) Speeding West 1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Speedy West) Truck Driver's Ride  1953 Capitol gtr        
 Tex Ritter    gtr        
 The Elites Sir Galahad  1964 ERA 3146 gtr leader arr      
 The Elites What's The Password 1964 ERA 3146 gtr leader arr      
 The Jerry Lewis Singers "Yesterday" and Other Folk Rock Hits* 1965 Dot DLP 25664 [Stereo] / DLP 3664 [Mono] - US, 1965 gtr  arr      
 The LeGarde Twins    Liberty         
 The Sci-Fis Science Fiction 1964 ERA 3217 gtr leader arr      
 Tommy Collins All the Monkeys Ain't in the Zoo 1963/64 Capitol gtr        
 Tommy Collins I Can Do That 1963/64 Capitol gtr        
 Tommy Collins Oh What a Dream 1963/64 Capitol gtr        
 Tommy Collins Shindig in the Barn 1963/64 Capitol gtr        
 Tommy Collins When Did Right Become Wrong, 1963/64 Capitol gtr        
 Tommy Sands    Capitol         
 Tony Asher Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo 1963  gtr lead       
 Tony Asher Oh What A Beautiful Morning 1963  gtr lead       
 Tony Asher Soul 1963  gtr lead       
 Tony Asher Without Your Love 1963  gtr lead       
 Transients feat. Billy Strange The Funky 12 String Guitar 1963 Horizon SWP-1633 gtr        
 Travelers 3 Baby Turn Around 1965  gtr lead arr      
 Trini Lopez   King Records         
 Ultra Mates Huckle Buck 1963  gtr        
 Ventures 2,000 lb Bee 1962  gtr        
 Ventures Taboo 1962  gtr        
 Ventures Walkin' With My Baybe 1962  gtr        
 Ventures Ya Ya Wobble 1962  gtr       songw 
 Ventures Hot Patrami 1963  gtr lead       
 Ventures Let's Go* 1963  gtr leader       
 Vettes, The Rev-Up* 1964 MGM E-4193 gtr ((?))        
 Voices of San Francisco, The After Love*  Reprise RS6287   arr   cond   
 Wanda Jackson Just Queen For A Day 1958 Capitol gtr leader       
 Wanda Jackson Savin' My Love 1958 Capitol F4142 gtr leader       
 Wanda Jackson You've Turned Into A Stranger 1958 Capitol F4142 gtr leader       
 Wanda Jackson You're The One For Me 1958 Capitol F4207 gtr leader       
 Wanda Jackson A Date With Jerry 1958 Capitol F4207 gtr leader       
 Wanda Jackson Reaching 1958 Capitol F4286 gtr leader       
 Wanda Jackson Reaching, "I'd Rather Have You", 1958 Capitol F4286 gtr leader       
 Wegeman Brothers Gentlemen Skiers* 1959  gtr        
 Wink Martindale Deck Of Cards 1959  gtr        

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